My Middle Child cracks me up.   The other day she got some college literature in the mail.  It was from Deree College in GREECE.  The photos on the mailing were stunning.  In fact, I might want to go back to school.   There.   Anyhoooo….she looked at it and said…”I wanna go HERE!”   Doesn’t care what courses they offer…..or, if they even offer her major.  But she wants in.   That’s my girl.
MC also came home very proud that she had volunteered and was accepted to work at the school blood drive.   Her job would be to sit and chat with (calm down) those students who are donating blood.

But…the night before….she began to think about it.  A little too much I think.  She brought up painful repressed memories of a ‘bad stick’ that she suffered through a couple years ago.  She had a ‘phlebotomist in training’ who stuck her in the arm 7 (yes, SEVEN) times before handing her off to his supervisor.    Poor kid.

Anyhow, she spent a couple hours thinking about it and then it began to make her sick to her stomach.   She wasn’t sure if she could do it anymore.   I told her she’d be fine and to stop being dramatic.   Next morning, she texts me….”I couldn’t do it.  They had to give me another job”.    That afternoon I got the full story….When the nurse stuck the needle into her friends arm….MC (just watching) started to get very warm….her hearing got muffled and everything went black, white and tingly.    So the supervisor had her switch jobs and handle the passing out of juice and cookies.

I remember last year when my older daughter volunteered, one of the kids passed out and fell SMACK into the floor face down.  Busted his chin and had to get stitches.  Yuck.

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