3.) The Youngest Child

Ahhhh, the youngest.

I remember when Alan was born I signed those papers really quick to have my tubes tied.  Two girls and boy!  That rounded out the family and I’m done!

Growing up with two older sisters was probably hard.  Especially in the teenage years with all those raging hormones flying and bouncing off the walls.  And when he was little they forced him to play school all the time.  (which may be why he’s so smart today)

When he was a toddler he ate only Mac & Cheese and grilled cheese sandwiches.  Actually he called them ‘BOY cheese’ sandwiched because when Kaylee ordered grilled cheese…..he thought she was saying ‘GIRL cheese’.  And since he was a boy, he wanted a ‘boy cheese’ sandwich.  Yes, we often got strange confused looks from our waitress….but we quietly explained and she took the order.

We also called Sunny Delight “happy juice”.  I think it started once when they were sick and the juice made them feel better, I don’t know.  But when we went shopping the list actually said ‘happy juice’.  If they went to a friends house and were offered Sunny Delight….they politely declined and asked if they had ‘Happy Juice’ there.

Alan is now in high school.  You can read more about that in the High School catagory.

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