2.) The MIDDLE Child

So.  We have three kids.  Two could care less about this blog.  The other is the da….da….da….da….Middle Child.  Now, don’t think I’m a bad mom here.  I’m not calling her “Middle Child” because I’m mean or she’s like Cinderella or anything like that.  When she found out about this little venture of mine, she elected to exercise a few ‘rules of her own’.

1.  I cannot use her picture on this site.  At least not one that clearly shows
    her face.  She’s ‘going to be famous one day’ and doesn’t want this to
    come back to haunt her or ruin her career’.  (See, I told you my kids were

2.  I cannot use her real name for the same reasons (plus she doesn’t want
     her friends to rag on her)

So.  For the website/blog I’ve agreed to call her simply MIDDLE CHILD or maybe MC for short.  So when I talk about Middle Child it is because I’m ‘forbidden’ to use her name.  Maybe instead of being a famous actress she should take up Law!

MC is my non-conformist.  She’s a great kid and not a troublemaker but she only does things on her own time.  Only when she’s good and ready and not a second sooner.  I always say she is the definition of Moxie.  Her sense of morals is second to none.  Sometimes I call her the ‘moral police’.  Enough said.

The kids’ got  a good head on her shoulders even if I’d like to knock it off sometimes.  You know…that whole teenage thing.

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