About this site

This site was originally created to lend support to parents of teens going through similar issues.  I’ve finally learned to laugh about it rather than cry!  Thanks to my sister-in-laws  who went through all this crap before me and gave me great advice! 

I really do think I’m gonna make it through this… and it really really does get better!  Really!

The site has since evolved into a hodge-podge of things that we find funny, disturbing, odd and entertaining.  We included our own version of a ‘Zen Gallery’ (Thru My Lens).  We hope you enjoy it and visit often. 

We’re a family of 5.  Shane and I have three kids and two dogs.  The Saint Bernard is named ‘Old Brooklyn’ (Brook for short unless we’re mad then it’s Brooklyn!) and the Golden Retriever is ‘Dublin’.

We live in Northeast Ohio and have all our lives.  It’s too damn hot in the Summer and too damn cold in the Winter.  There really is no Spring and Fall doesn’t last long either.

We’re the people that call tech support and get a response of ‘gee, I’ve never seen that problem before’.  Yep, we live according to Murphy’s Law.  What can go wrong will and what can’t possibly go wrong will too! 

But that’s okay because that’s what life is all about….and if you can’t laugh at yourself then you’re in trouble!

So anyhow this site is here to lend moral support to parents going through the same crap as we are.  The talking back, the eye rolling, the whole teenage thing.  You know…the stuff we never went through when we were their age.   Search the site for stories about tattoos, piercings, politics, whatever interests you.  Poke around the categories and enjoy yourself!

Hopefully our page will make you smile!
~ Sheila ~    

Contact information:  sheila (At) maviefolle dot com

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