My list of things that I would like to learn, do, accomplish or experience before I kick the bucket!

Move to Sedona, AZ (or close by)
Mentor a Native American Elder
Visit Ireland
See the glaciers before they melt
Own a Clumber Spaniel
Go on an archaeological dig
See the Mayan Ruins
Vacation in Labrador, Canada
Start a blog
Go whale watching
Get cousins’ recipe for homemade tortillas
Participate in a Native American sweat-house ritual
Eat healthier
Get solar panels on my house
Visit Stonehenge
Walk on the beaches of Hawaii
Watch the Browns win a superbowl
See the Indians win a World Series
Marvel at a Redwood tree
Stand on the shores of the Pacific
Watch Shane golf with a legend
Go to Herkimer Diamond Mines
Remodel our bathroom
Stroll in the sunshine with my grandchildren (not for 15 yrs or so)
Learn to Meditate
Have a past life regression
Watch the Northern Lights
Find out what is under the ice in Antarctica
See a UFO
Go to Utah and see the Arches
Learn how to make pumpkin roll
Start walking everyday
Master yoga (or at least beginner yoga)
Experience the beauty of the Galapagos Islands
Take a spiritual tour on the Red Rocks in Arizona