So Middle Child went for her first day of training for her new job Saturday morning.  Now, first let me stress that at 9:30pm on Friday she announces, “Oh!  I still need to buy black restaurant shoes!”

I’m like, “What?  You’re frickin telling me this NOW?  Ummm….we’re not shopping at 9:30pm.”    (This is a frequent occurrence at our home…..suddenly realizing that tomorrow is coming faster than we thought)  So we hunted around the house for anything that might ‘do’ for the first day.  Nothing.  Arghhh!  So that meant instead of waking up at 7:15am on Saturday morning, we now needed to wake at 6:30am so that we could run up to Walmart and buy a pair of those special black shoes.


Note to my family ~who have a special ability to never replace the spent roll with a new one:

  So.     Not.     Cool.



Can you spare a square?
Very early Saturday morning as we’re driving to buy shoes (ahem!) Middle Child notes that we’re the only ones on the road.  “Why even bother wasting electricity keeping the street lights on?  We’re the only one’s dumb enough to be out driving this early…on…a…Sat..urday!”   (Can you tell she’s not used to getting up before 12 on weekends?  Ahhh, jobs!)


maviefolle-320Note to self:
When bringing in firewood to add to the VERY hot fireplace?  Um…DON’T wear your good coat.   (Because your coat sleeve may brush up against the blazing hot door….causing it to MELT and FUSE to the door)

See the big black mess on the formly beautiful glass door?  Yep, that’s m’ sleeve.

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