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How Long Does It Take To Have A Conversation About Responsibility?

It was a cold, dark, rainy Monday morning. 6:30 am.  I woke the boy up for school and offered to fill up his very low tire… so he wouldn’t get soaked before school.  Because I’m a nice mom like that.

He got himself all ready, backpack – check… water bottle – check… $15 to get gas (he told me Friday the low fuel light came on) – check.

7am.  The boy leaves:  “Don’t forget to take that gas money”, I say.

“I have it”, he replies.

7:20am.  My phone rings:  “Mom?  Something’s wrong with the car… it just stopped! It won’t move!”

“Oh my God, did you get gas this morning?”

“No.  I was going to get it on my way home from school”.

“The light was on.  I gave you money this morning!”

“I know how to estimate how much further I can go when the light goes on, I am NOT out of gas.”

“YOU are out of gas.  I’ll come up with a gas can.”

Yes, by the time I got through the rush hour back up, I saw the flashing lights.  A nice officer pulled up behind him so no one smashed into him.

Funny, how it takes the same amount of time to empty a 5 gallon gas can – as it does to have an entire conversation (in front of a police officer) about the importance of listening to you mom, being responsible and getting gas when you are supposed to.

;) and yes, it’s great having a mom with a blog, isn’t it?


Totally NOT a joy ride.

We took this photo earlier in the summer.  Shane had to teach her how to add oil because there’s a small engine leak and it’s sucking it up.

The other day Shane truck went in for new brakes and he had to use my Jeep… so I had to drive my daughters 87 Mustang.

In the first 5 minutes it just didn’t feel right.  SO much play in the wheel and gliding all over the place.  I wondered if I had my will up to date when I had to push the brake petal all the way to the floor and pray like crazy to stop.

OH MY GOD.  I had a death grip on the steering wheel.  My heart was beating a mile a minute.  It never felt so good to pull into the driveway.

Me:  “Kaylee… somethings wrong with the brakes!”

Kaylee:  “Yeah they are starting to squeak a alittle”

Me:  “And the car floats all over the road”

Kaylee: “yeah, it’s been doing that”

So I take her car in real quick (to the shop).  NO brake fluid.  So the mechanic puts some in and it barely helped.  Long story short?  She had less than 10% of her brake pads left AND a bad tie rod of all things!!  TOTAL:  $800. for a complete brake job – Front pads and new rotors, new master cylinder, rear shoes, resurface the drums, cylinders, etc etc. ANNNNND replace a TIE ROD.

OH MY LORD.  I cannot believe my kid was driving in this car like that and thought it was normal.  Kids are scary.  Very scary.

My days as a driving instructor are over!

Well, everyone in our house is now a licensed driver… despite the fact that we were a little off on setting up the maneuverability course in our driveway with the distance from the front two cones to the top cone. But.. it all worked out, even though our course was a bit odd to say the least! Our poles consisted of a candy cane, broken broom handles, and a Swiffer handle, lol.

I don’t think I’ve ever laughed so hard when practicing this!  “Watch out!  Ooooo, you just hit the candy cane!”

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