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I love the fact that my kids are older because at Halloween time there’s no elaborate or expensive costumes.  NOT because they don’t go trick or treating.  Because they do…yes…at 15 & 17 they are still begging the neighbors for candy.  (or an occasional 1/3 cup oil, 1 egg or like a….steak or something.  You know, the normal stuff.)

Halloween 07 003Alan likes to go as something unique, as is evident by past costumes.  Yes, he was a refrigerator in 07.

A toaster in 08. This year he wanted to go as Bubble Boy.  You know…the kid in the hoax…who was (not) floating in the air…in a ‘flying saucer’.  Yup, that kid.   Alan got wind that other people were going as Bubble Boy and now must think of a new costume….because, after all…he must be unique.

So the other day he says…”I know!  I’m going to pin socks all over me….and go as ‘static‘!”    And of course it changes by the minute….on the way home from school yesterday he said “Maybe I’ll get a Bernie Madoff mask and just ask people for money.”    That’s m’boy!

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My Aloha Question:  What is the silliest or weirdest costume you or your kids have worn?

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