I saw on tv that Michael Jackson was 500 M I L L I O N dollars in debt.  How the hell does a superstar like that get that far into debt.  Shit, how does he get in debt at all?    That is simply amazing!    (Yeah, I know, I know, Neverland, Chimps, Llamas, Funky face covers and lots of umbrellas and lawsuits.)

Lisa Marie Presley says MJ said years ago…something to the effect that MJ was afraid he’d end up like her father.    (And we all know the controversy with that one  *see video) I also hear that MJ’s got like 100 songs stored up that actually can be released posthumously.  Hmmmm.    MJ is certainly worth a butt load of money now…in death. BUT MAYBE  he’s not deadCould be he’s sippin MaiTai’s with Elvis in Argentina.    Hey…just a thought. Let’s see…..    Verrrry similar circumstances both in life and in death.   Odd really.  Right down to the many doctors many prescriptions and the slimy personal doctors present at death…the apparent penchant for Demerol….Just very interesting similarities.   And he was a very very smart man….he’s seen the way a sudden death of an icon builds an estate….I’m just sayin.   (Next time I go somewhere exotic?  I’m keepin my eye’s peeled!)

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