Things I’ve we’ve learned over the long holiday weekend.

*  Just because you wear thick gardening gloves….doesn’t mean a spider will not attack you and almost kill you jump onto your arm and make you scream bloody murder.

*  When your husband yells at you for screaming ‘like a bomb went off right next to him’ …when said killer spider  jumped at me with his fangs showing was on my arm….Let’s just say ‘said husband’  will no longer receive help weeding the flower beds the remainder of the day.  *And we have a LOT of flower beds*  *I’m just sayin:  Pick your battles dude*




(On our walk at by the duck pond looking at the larger baby ducks)

Middle Child:   “I wonder if those are….teenage ducks?”

Shane:  “They are….You know how you can tell?”

Middle Child:  “How?”

Shane:   “They don’t listen to their parents”


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