Okay, so.  You know I’ve been planning on starting a garden this year.   Well, this morning I thought it was time.  Probably because today was due to be the hottest day of the year so far.  And every year, just to bitch and moan for some stupid reason…I decide that that big project should be started.    “Hey…it’s 100 88 degrees…let’s go dig in the sweltering sun for hours with no water &  no real idea of what we’re doing.”        Sounds like a plan!

So off to get some organic soil stuff and top soil.   Once I got that loaded in the middle of one of those STUPID high school cheerleader car washes  (NOT the kids…just the place they did it was stupid…no hate mail plz)    ANYhow…I’m loading my stinkin trunk while getting a steady spray of water.  Ughhhhh!  Then home to dig out the garden.  How hard can it be I’m thinking?   

Oh. My. God.  Alan came out and helped me (he’s gonna make a wife very happy one day)  This kid and I were out there sweating our asses off digging.   We have an area behind our pool where we threw all the dirt from when we had the pool installed….that…SIX years ago…Shane said he would ‘take care of’.   (not.)  So this stupid dirt pile is now flourishing with weeds and some old wood that was tossed on there.  We found lots of ‘habitats’ of creepy crawly things.  Potato bugs and centipedes.  BLEEEHHHH!  Oh, and spiders.  Yes, the very thing that will one day cause my death…

On the bright side I know I have muscle groups that I believed to have dissolved from un-use years ago.   And I’ve found out that you still CAN get a slight dose of sun poisoning…even at age 44.    So to take a break, I figured I’d cut the grass and get the fertilizer on.   Yeeeaah.  GREAT day to put fertilizer on.  Not only was it very hot…it was also extremely windy.   It was like walking around in a cloud of toxic fairy dust.    As soon as I grow that new appendage I will post a pic. 

As for the garden?  Ughhh.  I think this is a bigger project than I thought.  Maybe another month  two days.  I’m pretty sure my problem is spending time over at the Newlyweds blog.   Their garden, even when waterlogged is amazing.  And mine isn’t even a quarter their size.   Gosh…the things I’ll put myself through to save a few bucks on veggies.   After the burnt skin, heart attack and muscle relaxers, it would be cheaper to just buy the damned vegatables!  lol.

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